Crucial Ways Drone Mapping Can Be Leveraged For Mining Operations Minocular India Survey

Crucial Ways Drone Mapping Can Be Leveraged For Mining Operations

Mining has immensely bestowed the extra pounds to the economy of numerous nations. Mining is not only hazardous to carry out but also involves lots of capital. Using the correct tools and equipment while carrying out the project of mining is crucial as a substantial investment is always required. Hence, to make these procedures more accurate and useful, drones are used to administer and improve the performance. The aerial mapping

Iot in mining

How to Implement IoT in Mining- Minocular

Mining is a process of extraction of valuable minerals from the earth. It’s a critical industry for any economy and there are many countries that depend on it for their livelihood. The mining process includes the extraction, concentration, and refining of raw materials to produce a finished product. IoT has been applied in various industries such as healthcare, agriculture, education, government, and manufacturing with great success. This article will show

How Digitalization Can Amp Up Mining Undertakings Minocular India

How Digitalization Can Amp Up Mining Undertakings

As global mines keep maturing, cash flow to the mining industry keeps shrinking, resulting in lower-income levels. In the past decade, productivity from the mining industry has decreased by as much as 28 percent. With mines maturing at an unparalleled pace, companies are left with the only choice of overgrazing their existing assets, which is not a foolproof plan after all. The time demands a breakthrough revolution in the mining

What is the new drone rule for Indian Mines

As per recent amendments made in the MCDR, 2017 on dt. 3rd November 2021, Notification No. G.S.R 780(E), now mines in India need to carry out a drone survey of the mining lease area, this amendment makes clear that Govt of India is intended to regularly track the implementation of proposals of Mining Plan/ Review of Mining Plan within your lease area by implementing latest Drone Survey technology. The drone

Effective Measures To Leverage Digitalization In The Mining Industry Minocular India

How To Leverage The Power Of Digitalization In Mining?

The mining industry in India contributes to a large share of revenue in GDP every year. It mainly relies on the assets and heavy equipment for its operation. A substantial number of workers are involved in mining through which they earn their daily livelihood. The operative work of mining companies calls for maintenance, repair, and installation of machinery on a daily basis. This is one of the major reasons behind


Learn How continuous monitoring will change the future of mine safety and profitability

The mining industry has been an essential aspect of the economy. Companies have been under the severe constraint of bringing about some alternatives in the overall process of mining to reduce risks and domestic disruption. Accidents and mishappenings are some of the common events in these locations; however, mine monitoring can prove to be a significant assistance in this field.