How drones are transforming the surveys in the Mining Industry

What seemed like a far-fetched reality a few decades ago, has become a massively adopted technology in various industries.

Google Assistant

How Google Assistant can help you to monitor your mine in real-time

The mining industry has been a great contributor to the total wealth of the nation. Ores, metals, and other objects of historical value are extracted from the ground, and it’s only possible because of mining.



How IoT is helping mining companies increase productivity.

With the outbursting growth in population, the mining industry is bound to face a significant hike in demand. This essentially paves the way to mass adoption of improved technological devices like IoT in mining.

Mining 4.0


Learn How continuous monitoring will change the future of mine safety and profitability

The mining industry has been an essential aspect of the economy. Companies have been under the severe constraint of bringing about some alternatives in the overall process of mining to reduce risks and domestic disruption. Accidents and mishappenings are some of the common events in these locations; however, mine monitoring can prove to be a significant assistance in this field.